How to Apply Elevate Seal for Extended Wear

How to Apply Elevate Seal for Extended Wear

What is Elevate Seal?

Elevate Seal is a revolutionary product designed to provide extended wear for various makeups. Whether you're looking to protect your cosplay makeup or seal your makeup for an underwater performance, Elevate Seal is the ultimate solution. This blog post will guide you through the process of applying Elevate Seal for extended wear.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Before applying Elevate Seal, it's crucial to prepare your skin properly. Clean the skin thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. This ensures a smooth and even application, allowing Elevate Seal to work its magic effectively.

Step 2: Apply Elevate Seal

Apply a thin and even layer of Elevate Seal to the surface. Make sure to cover the entire area you want to protect. The sealant will create a protective barrier that shields the surface from sweat and water.

Step 3: Let it Dry

Allow Elevate Seal to dry completely. The drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity levels. It's essential to allow the product to dry entirely. Drying times average 5 - 30 seconds.. Once dry, the surface will have a matte finish, indicating that the sealant has bonded effectively.

Step 4: Enjoy Extended Wear

Now that you've applied Elevate Seal, you can enjoy extended wear and protection for your makeup. No matter the design, Elevate Seal will keep it looking pristine for an extended period.

Why Choose Elevate Seal?

Elevate Seal stands out from other sealants on the market due to its advanced formula and long-lasting effects. Unlike traditional sealants, Elevate Seal offers extended wear, ensuring your makeup remains protected for an extended period. Its durable barrier shields against sweat and water, preserving the beauty and look of your makeup.

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